Burberry launches its Scarf Bar

Good news ! Notice to the followers of the iconic scarf of the brand tartan and the most refined: a dedicated Bar is now available in shops Burberry online!

British house has decided to evolve its cult pieces including the famous scarf Heritage by offering its own sales area and customization. So you have the opportunity today, online and in shops around the world, to find at Bar a full range of cashmere scarves renowned for its silky feel and incredible lightness. All made exclusively in Scotland, these marvels of the finest quality warm the elegant – and these gentlemen too – since always, and dress especially with a flawless class. Um, would not this be a great gift idea to blow at the end of the year? Or simply a great opportunity to afford illico a chic and sophisticated accessory in this season?

Anyway, it is with the help of experienced sales teams that you will be able, in shops, to discover new and iconic models to personalize and make mark your initials for a unique piece and in your image. Added to this is an entirely new palette of colors, prints and a wide variety of thread colors that can be used for personalization, so that you have the choice among a few … 7,000 possible combinations : what else?

Eyeglasses, choice you favorites stylish glasses

Today between creators, ethical brands and big claws, even those who have no problem with their eyes also dream to be able to wear glasses! Discover all the trends of the moment.

You want to give yourself an intellectual look? Nothing like a pair of glasses rather round , which plays the card of simplicity. Simple does not mean boring: like last year, the brands have released lots of models in two-tone acetate when they have not just played with the effects of matter (mottling, crocodile, scale …). Also bet on safe values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have proven themselves over time such as aviator forms popularized by Ray-Ban.

You remained a midinette in the soul? This year, you will have the choice between fine frames with golden and girly colors or frames in translucent acetate with marshmallow colors . An ideal choice to boost your look!

Do you like to be noticed? To you glasses with oversized lines, thick and sometimes eccentric. To you also the more masculine square shapes , that do not hesitate to wear with tomboy looks based on high waist trousers and white sneakers .

Do you dream in front of movie starlets of the great Hollywood era? That ‘s good, the brands draw today in their archives to bring out models known as “vintage” with mounts in the shape of butterfly, eye of cat or fly . Sometimes ornamented with Swarovski jewelery or rhinestones, glamorous effect and guaranteed red carpet!