At this very time of day, you should buy perfume for you

You still want to go to the perfume shop after work to buy some nice Christmas scents for you or your loved ones? Completly wrong! Because at this time of day, your nose is no longer free and unencumbered by the smells of everyday life.

Also important in the cold-induced runny nose: Do not use nasal spray before shopping! Because that can irritate the nose. Even the smell of the spray can distort the fragrance perception.

“However, one should also keep in mind that the selection of a perfume always depends on one’s own mood,” emphasizes Ruppmann. “The nose is more sensitive, for example, when you and your own sense of smell are tense.” Getting stressed out and leaving the office for perfumery is twice as bad.

Tip: You should take a little time to choose the fragrance and take it easy. “That means selecting several fragrances in perfumery and spraying on scented strips,” he explains. “After a few hours, smell it again, because now the base note could really unfold.”

It’s best to take the strips home with you and then smell it on the sofa. In your own apartment you do not have as much odor variety as in a perfumery and can then shop his dream fragrance very relaxed the next day in the store. Mis-buying excluded!