How to sell your wedding dress?

That’s it, it’s over. Your lovely day is now behind you and a question arises: what would you like to do with your wedding dress? If you do not want to keep it religiously in the closet, why not sell it?

In most major cities, there are specialized sales depots in wedding accessories. The perfect place to offer a second life to your beautiful wedding dress , which will surely make another lady’s happiness …

The deposit-sale takes care of everything: shelving, photos … You just have to deposit your dress and cash the proposed amount. In general, these brands also buy shoes, veil, stoles, jewelry or even decor.

It’s good to know: before sending your Precious in a warehouse, give it a little passage to the laundry. A clean and impeccably presented dress will necessarily be redeemed more expensive …

An ad, published on a specialized site (Leboncoin or Ebay for example) or on a social network (Facebook is the leader of the field), can work miracles. It is you who set the sale price: on average, for a wedding dress, e-commerce specialists advise to apply a discount of – 25% on the purchase price.

Online business is a job. Get ready to handle the (inevitable) digital bullets , receive a tsunami of messages to be sorted every day, republish regularly your ad so that it is not forgotten, to fiddle with an attractive ad with correct photos … In short you have work to do.

It’s good to know: some retail sites are specialized in wedding accessories. Thus, it is probably easier to sell a wedding dress on ads-lace , weddalia or bravo-bride – the latter site is international.

All wedding dresses image from Chicregina